Tandem Style ACME Tap Application
Tandem Acme taps combine an initial roughing cut with a final finishing cut, in one pass.
The roughing section of the tap has a thread with a sharper angle which permits threads to be relieved more effectively and eliminates the wide, flat Acme crest. This results in free-cutting characteristics which makes greater stock removal possible.
The last few threads on the roughing section act as a guide for the short finishing section, which corrects the angles and brings the thread to size.
Buttress, Modified Square, Stub Acmes and Metric Trapezoidal taps available by requesting a quote.
Unit of Measure


N/A Ground thread/high speed steel


N/A Right Hand Taps

Size and Threads Per Inch

N/A 1-5

Overall Length (A)

N/A 10 1/8 in

Thread Length (B)

N/A 5 1/4 in

Square Length (C)

N/A 3/4 in

Shank Diameter (D)

N/A 0.697 in

Size of Square (E)

N/A 0.523 in

Max. Depth of Nut (Bronze and Steel)

N/A 2 in

Max. Depth of Nut (Brass and Cast Iron)

N/A 3 in

Quantity Price Breaks Available

N/A Request Price Breaks

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