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 This product contains Cobalt and/or Nickel and/or Lead a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information: www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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tandem acme tap

Tandem Style ACME Taps


Tandem Style ACME Tap Application
Tandem Style Taps combine the initial roughing cut with the final finishing cut,  in one pass. Tandem taps are economical and enhance production levels by saving on the operation of  two tools.  Acme thread pitches are generally coarse relative to diameters and are subject to heavy chip loads.  To achieve a high quality thread, roughing and finishing operations are recommended.


Acme 302

302 ACME Taps

ACME Tap Application
For Additional Special Tap Requirements
Prices for Special Acme Taps having engagements longer than the standard 60º thread lengths, course pitches . exotic materials..
Ordering information requested for Special Single Acme Taps—
A. Nominal Size.
B. Threads per Inch.
C. Single or multiple threads (Note—Indicate the number of threads and lead for multiple lead taps — Example: 1/2-12,1/6 lead double.
D. Blind or Through Hole (Note—for blind holes, give clearance beyond the thread depth. For through holes, state whether tap will be passed through or backed out.)
E. Depth of Hole, Bore before Tapping and Wall Thickness of part, if less than ...