With stand high stress, high heat
You'll find "difficult to machine" stainless steels are not so difficult to tap any more. These taps have been developed to withstand the high stresses and high heat generated when working stainless materials. They are made of a unique steel alloy which delivers longer tap life.up to 20 times longer than ordinary high speed steel taps working in stainless. And that means big savings in tool costs and downtime for tool changing.
Exclusive design extends tap life
All sizes are ground with special relief for free cutting and are steam-oxided for lubricity.
Result: Faster production at less cont in stainless
These Tapco advantages add up to more pieces tapped per hour because there's less downtime for tool changes, and lower cost for tooling and labor to change tooling. And that means greater efficiency, and more profit from stainless jobs.
Unit of Measure


N/A Ground thread/high speed steel

Tap Size

N/A 3/4

Basic Dia.

N/A 0.75 in

Threads per Inch

N/A 10

Ground Thread Limits

N/A H3

Quantity Price Breaks Available

N/A Request Price Breaks

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